Serial/Power lead to connect microRecorder to Power and/or NMEA serial signal
£10.21 +vat




The standard antenna has a SMA screw plug, and velcro adhesive pads for easy fixing. It should be placed in the cockpit with a clear view of the sky.

The alternative antenna has the larger BNC bayonet plug. This is recommended for micro's that are to be uplugged regularily. A BNC to SMA adaptor must also be purchased to connect to a micro




BNC to SMA Adaptor

The adaptor enables the a micro to be used with a BNC antenna.




This will charge the micro units from a 240 volt Mains supply. (Please contact us for other voltage requirements).

Charging time will be up to 12 hours.


USB to Serial Convertor

The adaptor plugs into a USB socket and enables a standard serial lead to be used with a computer without a serial port. The package includes all software, support for installation.




SD Flash Card Reader
The reader connects to a PC using a USB link, and allows files to be transferred to and from the SD card.




SD Flash Card
Tested to work with the microrecorder.





Standard Garmin power/data cable with EW FR plug

Cable to connect your GPS unit to the D Logger




Serial lead

Cable to connect model 'D' Recorder to computer