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EW BS1 Serial to Bluetooth  EW BS1 Serial to Bluetooth
The EW BS1 will take a NMEA serial signal and convert it to a Bluetooth transmission. The EW BS1 will come with the requested baud rate and name. This can be changed by the user.. It require a 9-15v supply, and will output this voltage and a regulated 5Vvia the D9 socket. A lead can be supplied to conect to your serial device, (Flarm, logger etc). It can also supply the 5 volts required to power your Android device. 

Price:   £49.95 


EW AND2 Serial Connections to Android Devices EW AND2 Serial Connections to Android Devices
The unit takes a 9-15 volt power supply and will then connect a serial signal from a NMEA device such as Flarm to an Android device such as a Dell Streak or other Android phones, The Android device will then use the signal to drive a moving map using XCSoar, This free open source software has ben optimised for running under the Android operating system, and is now reliabily running on Android devices. (Note currently the latest Android version 4 will not work with this unit due to a USB upgrade, but it is expected that a new version of XSoar will be cure this in the near future),
The EWioio 

Price:   £89.95 

Serial lead
Leads can be made for both the EW BS1 and the EW AND2 unit to connect to your serial devices. Please call Graham on 07968 066710 to discuss your requirements 

Price:   £15.00 

D9 Plug
A D9 shell and cover can be supplied to conect to the EW BS1 and the EW AND2 devices. 

Price:   £6.00 

microRecorder SDmicroRecorder SD

The FAI ratified microRecorder comes complete with a USB download/charging connecto, a nmea data out/external power connector and external antenna. It includes Engine noise detection and a SD card.

The SD Flash card enables flights to be transferred to a removeable flash card for easy downloading.

More details and Full Manual


Price:   £289.00 

Navigation and Recording system

The kit consists of - microRecorder SD including antenna etc, HX4700 (second Hand) Wiring loom ready to connect to your glider batteryr, LK800 or XCSoar navigation software setup with Airspace, waypoints,terrain, your gliders polar and your home airfield Full instructions for both microRecorder and PDA.

More details and Full manual

Price:   £350.00 

PDA holder for HX4700PDA holder for HX4700
Powered PDA holder for HX4700 PDA including lead to microRecorder and fused 12v power supply. Comes with mounting arm with suction cup, that can be easily converted to screw fixing to cockpit rim. 

Price:   £79.00 

HX4700 PDA
Second hand HX4700 PDA loaded with XCSoar navigation software including waypoints and airspace. Can be set up with your glider and home airfield details. Includes PDA charger, and 2Gb SD card with all back up of all software 

Price:   £119.00 

For charging micro units from 240 volts mains supply.
More details  

Price:   £18.72 

Lead to connect your micro to external power, nmea out and pilot event .

Price:   £10.21 

SD Flash card
SD FLash card 512 Mbytes, will store thousands of hours of flights 

Price:   £9.90 

USB Flash card reader
USB Flash card reader, just plug into a USB port to transfer files to you computer. 

Price:   £14.90 

Antenna with SMA screw connector.
More details  

Price:   £22.00 


BNC to SMA Bayonet adaptorBNC to SMA Bayonet adaptor
This adaptor enables the micro's to be connected to an antenna with a BNC bayonet connector.
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Price:   £5.50 

microPower Pack

microPower Pack
To power a PDA we can supply an extra battery pack, which will supply the power to drive your PDA (via your microRecorder) for up to 15 hours.

The power supply is rated at 9.6 volts and 3 amp hours, and can be charged from a 12 volt source.

More details  

Price:   £55.00 

microPower Pack charger

The microPower Pack charger will charge you microPower Pack from a maind source.

required nmea signal. It comes with a serial download lead and a recorder to standard Garmin lead.
More details  

Price:   £25.00 

Adaptor to convert Serial Lead to USBAdaptor to convert Serial Lead to USB

The adaptor plugs into a USB socket and enables a standard serial lead to be used with a computer without a serial port. The package includes all software, and support for installation,
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Price:   £14.99 

Standard Garmin power/data cable Standard Garmin power/data cable

More details
Standard Garmin power/data cable with EW FR plug for Model 'B' and 'C' 

Price:   £21.30 

EW logger to Computer serial leadEW logger to Computer serial lead
More details
EW logger to Computer 9 pin serial lead, (note this is not a conventional serial lead as the EW is wired to drive a printer). This lead must also be used if a serial to USB adaptor is used. 

Price:   £21.30